About Us


The Knowledge

With both directors coming from the original family business of Hallamshire Heating Co. Ltd, they  bring to our clients over 70  years experience in the trade.

All staff started out as trainees straight from education, progressing through the disciplines of  drawing, design, estimating and contract management prior to becoming recognised as engineers  who can interpret a client’s brief into engineering form, and transform that understanding into a  working system.

Hallamshire is a company that prides itself on the personal touch that we feel we are best  positioned to provide. We have the capacity to handle contracts of over £750,000, whilst maintaining the personal attention needed to complete all jobs as small as £100 – every job gets  the attention it deserves.

Hallamshire Heating & Air Conditioning Co Ltd
3-4 Callywhite Lane, Dronfield, S18 2XR
01246 414 606